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2008 Spring

Monday, January 7, 2008

Practice - Cape Fear in 2 Weeks 

Guys, we play Cape Fear in two weeks. This means we have a minimum of 4 practices before our first game. For those players who came to practice last Thursday, thank you for your effort. For the 20 plus players that did not show, you need to come out if you are intending to play this season.

Practice this week will be at 7 p.m. sharp over at Stono Elementary School - Tuesday and Thursday In addition, there will be a practice on Saturday afternoon downtown at the Horselot (directions) (specific time will be given on Thursday). This practice will be followed by a mandatory team/club meeting (location to be given on Thursday). Regarding Saturday, now that you have been given plenty of prior notice, there should be no excuses regarding your attendance.

A number of new changes will be taking place this season in terms of how the practices will be run and who gets selected to play. Regarding the latter the following will apply:

1. Players will be selected from among those who have paid dues, no dues no play.
2. Unless you have a legitimate excuse for not making one or both practices - players will only be selected from those that train
3. The starting 15 and squad of 22 for all Saturday games will be made (where possible) at the Thursday practice. Thursday will therefore be a time when we can run through plays etc.

I look forward to seeing you all this week.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Practice/Meeting Saturday Jan. 11th 

Gents, thanks for all your efforts this week at practice - Much appreciated. We will hold a practice this Saturday morning at 11:15 AM sharp (This means Houston in your kit ready to run at 11:15 downtown at the horselot).

There will be a general club meeting at Mad River from 1 PM - 2 PM - It is at this meeting that we will elect a new captain for the club.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Outlaws Lose Season Opener 

On an unusually windy, cold and wet Saturday afternoon, the 2008 Season got off to a disastrous start for the Outlaws going down to a poor Cape Fear side 23 - 11. I highlight the weather as one could conclude the conditions had a part to play in our down fall. The sad reality is that it really played no part in the outcome at all. We simply were not good enough!

The game proved to be a hard day for new Captain Andy Pelland, who did his best to inspire the troops but alas no late rally ever materialized.

The B side played well enough to come away with a hard earned victory - many of the new players showing a great amount of heart. Congrats to new player Josh who scored his first try for the Outlaws.

For now, enough said. Watch this space for the game report regarding our next opponent, Greenville. I hope there will be much better news to share.

Posted By: Taffy, Tail Whipp'n, Greenslade


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Greenville Match Saturday Jan 1/26 

Our first home game will be this Saturday (1/26) at the Battery Practice Pitch on Daniel Island (directions). This weekend's contest will pit your Charleston Outlaws against the rival Greenville Griffins. There will be an A-Side matrix match followed by a B-Side match. Kick off is set for 1 PM. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Outlaws Gain First Win of the Season 

One win does not make a season! But, the hard fought victory over Charlotte was much more significant in may ways for the Outlaws whose season hung in the balance - a win and we were back on track - a loss, well we would have kissed the season good bye. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of the win was that the players never gave up. At times we were at our brilliant best, passing and running with ball in hand and at such speed that any defense would have been terrified. As in all team sports the thin line between success and failure is great. What we witnessed Saturday was perhaps the beginning of many more victories to come.

It's amazing what a sense of urgency can bring to a players game. This was clearly on show in the B side game where at times the passages of play were poetry in motion. The pressure from the B side is now squarely put at the door of the A side players. Having over 40 players turn up for Saturday's games plus a few hundred fans tells its own story of what Charleston Rugby is all about. Let's hope it continues long into the season.

Posted By: Taffy - Head Coach - The Charleston Outlaws


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Old Grey...Old Grey! No Longer Undefeated 

Rugby is a funny old game. You just never know which team is going to turn up on the day. Take this past Saturday for example. The Outlaws traveled with a squad of some 30 plus players to play the previously undefeated Columbia Old Grey. Credit where credit is due - Old Grey had strung together some very impressive victories winning by considerable margins. So, the expectation was that the 'NEW GREY' would be shiny silver, gleaming in the spotlight of their victories - incumbent champions I heard whisper. In reality, it was the 'OLD GREY' that took center stage. The problem was that the Outlaws failed to realize it and paid the price for over complication and a fundamental breakdown of the basics. The game was won, and should have been over by halftime. Instead, the Outlaws began the very painful process of self destruction. For the unbiased observer a classic case of ''goal line fever.'' But alas, in a season of continual surprises, the Outlaws down by 10 points with a mere 2 minutes on the clock, dug deep and found the heart, the resolve and dare I say it, ''the way to play the game'' and ran in the needed 12 points to win the game.

The contrast in both ability, playing styles and applying the basics was very much in evidence with the ''Killer B's'' performance in the B side game. Scoring tries from all areas of the field with an air of confidence and passion that was a delight to behold. One word sums it up, ''Awesome.'' The hit that Dan received in the second half was an ESPN highlight moment! The very fact that he got back up on his feet and smiled at his attacker says it all.

Two victories. A miracle I heard one fan say! Old Grey were poor, the Outlaws have seen better days, with the exception of the ''Killer B's''. But, today is a new day. The Outlaws are undefeated in their last two games and this coach is still taking the happy pills at least until this Saturday when Cape Fear come to town - to quote from the movie Gladiator, ''On my command...unleash holy hell.'' Welcome to Chucktown Fear!

Posted By: Taffy - Head Coach


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home Game this Weekend - 2/23 

Your Charleston Outlaws will face the Cape Fear squad this weekend in a battle for the top of the Matrix. The Outlaws will try to avenge this years first match loss and regain control of the South Eastern conference. The match will be held at the Navy Base pitch (directions). The local women's team will play first and the Outlaws will kick off at 1 PM with a B-side match to follow. There will be plenty of rugby for your spectating pleasure.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Outlaws Return to Form in Greenville 

Coming off a win against Cape Fear the following week, the Outlaws we're looking to carry momentum up to Greenville, and deliver the kind of game of which they are capable. Delivery seemed to be the buzz word of the day. The entire team delivered tackle after tackle to keep the Greenville squad on the back foot. The Wings and Fullback kept the Griffin's out our half. The forwards won their scrums and a large portion of their line-outs (commendable against a 6' 10'' jumper) and attacked the Griffins forwards with a hammer and crash offense. The backs delivered blistering attack after attack which overwhelmed the Greenville defense. In the end, the Outlaws as a whole delivered the performance of the season in the form of a 61-5 victory. It was the kind of victory for which the Charleston Outlaw faithful had become accustomed. The kind of victory which portends the manifestation of this teams great potential. (Link to photos)

The Outlaws will carry the weekend's momentum into Charlotte this weekend in hopes of tightening their grip on first place in the South East Region. Charlotte has revitalized their team since the last meeting and will look to avenge their early 17-0 loss. Watch this space for news of this weekend's Charleston Outlaw's performance.

Thank you to Greenville for hosting us and playing with the great heart and sportsmanship our two teams have come to know.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Outlaws Win in a Forfeit 

The scheduled match in Charlottes has been ruled by USA Rugby as a forfeit. By USA Rugby laws, the match is regarded as a 15-nil victory for the Charleston squad. It is a shame that the match wasn't played as the Outlaws had more than 30 players chomping at the bit and the Charlotte squad was ready to play. Political tides prevented the usage of the home pitch, and USAR South meted out a forfeit.

The final matrix match is little more than two weeks out as the Outlaws try to sew up the South Eastern Championship at home against Columbia Olde Grey. Watch this site for news of kick off times and match location. Happy St. Patty's day! And good luck to the Outlaws traveling to Savannah this weekend.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For All the Marbles 

This is it! The game yall have been waiting for! The one match which will decide who wins the USA Rugby South, South East matrix. Your Charleston Outlaws will be home this weekend to take on the resurgent Columbia Olde Grey for 'All the Marbles''. Winner take all. The winner wins the Matrix and earns the luxury of a home playoff match. The loser sets off for a playoff match with Orlando. This match will be a tough match due to the familiarity between these two teams. Three times in the past year they have met, and twice the Outlaws have left the pitch victorious. The last, a matrix match, the Outlaws snatched victory from Olde Grey by scoring 12 points in the last five minutes.

Kick off is set for 1 PM at the Battery practice pitch on Daniel Island (Directions). Be sure to come early as the Charleston Hurricanes will kick off at 1130 AM, and stay late as the B-Side Outlaws will look to remain undefeated, followed by the Olde Boys taking on Southern Pines. Yep, Saturday looks to be a full day of rugby fun for the low country. We look forward to seeing you at the pitch.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Champions - Great Day of Rugby 

As it turned out, Saturday was an all around great day for the local boys (and girls). The Charleston Outlaws sewed up the South East Region Matrix Championship in front 200+ fans with a convincing 24-10 victory over the visiting Columbia Olde Grey. The match started with the Outlaws dominating the field position battle, Through a brilliant kicking game, the back three of Logan Rada, Dave Ellis and Grandpa, pinned the Olde Grey deep in their own territory. The forwards then wrest the ball away and took control with a pack heavy ball control offense. After the forwards punched in a try, it was time to exploit the overloads with the power and speed of the back line. Butch Setser and Earnest Houston chipped in tries and Grandpa converted 3 tries and a penalty kick for a final tally of 24-10 in favor of the Charleston squad.

The day was made a complete victory as the Killer-B's downed the Columbia B's in a 30 minute match 21-14, the Olde Boy's fought to a 24-14 victory, and the women's Hurricanes squad downed the Columbia Bombshells. Notable performances by Matt Harless, Chris Parsons, Michael Stewart, Charles Van Graan and Matthias Schlotter helped carry the day.

It should be noted the public service the Outlaws performed following the game. By donning the digs of the tragically inept, the Outlaws helped point out the idiocy of such choices in attire in the hope to raise public awareness of this growing problem amongst the privileged in our society. Please help us bring an end to this D-Baggery and bring these folks back from the edge. To help please send your support and suggestions to (Link to photos)

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Home Playoff Rugby! 

Tomorrow your Charleston Outlaws will take on the visiting Orlando Griffins for the right to compete in the USA Rugby DivII South Championships. Kick off is set for 2PM at the Westvaco Park field in North Charleston at the intersection of North Rhett and Remount Road. (Link to Directions)

This is for the Playoffs people! See you there.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Outlaws Win! - South's Next 

The Outlaws guaranteed their ticket to the Southern Championships with a 19-17 victory over the Orlando Griffins in front of a delighted home crowd. The Outlaws scored first early and never relinquished the lead. The Griffins made it interesting, drawing to within 2 with 2 minutes left. But the Outlaws took control of the ball and retained possession for the final 2 minutes to end the match. Man of the match honors were difficult with several outstanding performances (particularly amongst the backs). Grandpa walked away with MotM honors for the backs and Zach Newton for his performance in the pack. Excellent win for Charleston! Now its on to the South Championships in two weeks! (Link to Photos)

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Traveling Outlaws! 

Your Charleston Outlaws will be heading to Jacksonville, Florida this coming weekend to vie for the South Championship! This weekend's tournament consists of a two day two game format. If the Outlaws win one match, they head for Austin, Texas. If they win two, they head to Austin, Texas as Southern Champions. Good luck to the lads traveling for the pride of Charleston!

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lost the Battle, But Not the War 

The Outlaws March onto Austin for the National Championships

Congratulations are in order to everyone who is associated with our great club for making it to the Nationals. Think about it? Charleston is now competing on the national stage? A tremendous achievement especially considering we started the season with two defeats. Have we earned the right to be in Austin? You had better believe it. Was loosing to Jacksonville painful and a huge disappointment? Huge, but not the end of the world. As my good friend Davis commented to me, ''We lost the battle, but we have not lost the war''.

Lets me put a few things in perspective. Against New Orleans we played probably the best rugby we have played in many seasons; open, attacking and free flowing rugby, with a kicking game plan that New Orleans simply could not defend. Our aggressive defense was excellent and the first up tackles behind the gain line put New Orleans under constant pressure. An excellent all around performance. We won not simply because of the way we played but because of our practice, our fitness and the commitment of some 35 plus guys, busting their ass on the training field.

Onto Jacksonville. Was the game there to be won? Yes. Did either side deserve to win? Yes. Unfortunately, this time it was Jacksonville and give credit to them, they are a good team. Most probably the most physical game we have played in a few seasons. They have a very big and organized pack, and their game plan was simple; disrupt our line out and make it very difficult for us to get clean ball to the backs. They succeeded, and with the meager ball we did get, we failed to put points on the board.

Success or failure? For us coaches the weekend was without doubt a success. Charleston rugby certainly laid down a marker in Jacksonville of how the game should be played and we won over many adoring fans on the way.

What awaits us in Austin? Perhaps the question should be what can Austin expect of the Outlaws? More of the same of course, only hopefully one GIANT step forward by winning it all! Watch this space for news of the Outlaws exploits in Austin.

For anyone out there with deep pockets - we are in urgent need of funds to get the players to Austin - all donations great or small are welcome - please contact:

Posted By: A Proud Coach - Taffy


Monday, May 5, 2008

Outlaws Need Your $ Help - Donate Today 


The Charleston Outlaws are in desperate need of funds in order to get as many players as they can to travel to Austin Texas for the upcoming National Championships. Donations and sponsorships are greatly appreciated. Please get behind the Outlaws and show your support - any $ donation however small will help. For further information email:


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Charleston Memorial Day 7's Tournament 

The Charleston Outlaws Rugby Football Club is proud to present the 6th annual Memorial Day 7ís Rugby Tournament. This event brings in over 300 rugby enthusiasts to the city of Charleston for a weekend of sun, fun and rugby. The tournament format will feature an Open Men's Bracket, and an Open Women's Bracket! This years Memorial day seven's tournament will be held at Oakbrook Middle School in Ladson SC, just outside Charleston (Directions). There will be concessions for all, and a kids tent where they can play and stay cool. The post-tourney pub crawl will begin downtown at The Brick immediately following the conclusion of the last match. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sweet Sixteen in the Nation 

Not a Bad Way to End the Season

A coaches best laid plans can count for nothing if the team simply does not perform to its optimum potential. Another visit to the USA Rugby National Championships Sweet Sixteen for the Outlaws to play in the most friendly of cities, Austin, TX. Did we have the right squad? Did we prepare fully enough? Were we hungry enough? Yes to all of the above and more. But, but.....

The mighty Cheese men of Wisconsin presented us with our first challenge, and after the Outlaws took an early 14 point lead, things were looking good. However, we tended to sit back and relax instead of turning the screw when it was oh so needed. The final score of 36 points to 22 in Wisconsin favor, said a great deal about our worthy opponents desire to win, rather than our lack of ''how to put the game away'' when it was there for the taking . Enough said about that. The only solace to be had, was that Wisconsin went onto the final four, so at least we were beaten by a most worthy opponent and congrats to them on their success.

As we all wallowed in our own self pity post defeat, a few cold beers helped ease the pain as we made our way back to the team HQ. As the evening progressed, I sensed a determination and energy from the squad that winning was the only option for Sunday's consolation game against the number 2 seed from the East Hartford, CT. The prize? Respectability, bragging rights and to determine the seeding for the 2009 Championships.

Oh, what a difference 24 hours makes! A rejuvenated, upbeat and focused Outlaw team took the field to run up a score and win the game by 48-31, with Marcellas ''Hot Shoes'' Payton running in 3 quite awesome tries, in one of the best wins I have witnessed in many a year as the head coach. Where was this display the day before, I hear you say? If only I had the answer, if only.... Rugby, as so many times the players have heard me say this, ''is a simple game, complicated by the players that play it.'' What could have been, remains a discussion point over a few pints of the black stuff and then some.

The 2007-2008 season was a success for so many of the right reasons and rugby certainly won the day. It goes without saying that a HUGE thanks goes out to the players, committee, sponsors and supporters of this magnificent club, without whom we would not be where we are today. On a personal note, I would like to extend my thanks to Coach Dave Hawkins whose vision and understanding of the game has been an inspiration to not only myself but to anyone who has taken the time to listen to him. Also to Andy our Captain, who lead from the front and never once backed down from a challenge, even when he was injured. Last and certainly not least to our President Wags, whose unselfish time and commitment to this club begs reason, but then again, what else would he do with his spare time :)

We have much to look forward to over the summer, including the Annual End of Season Awards Dinner, July 12 MANDATORY attendance please. Also, later in the year, our 35th Anniversary Dinner - the date to be determined.

Posted By: Your Proud Coach - Taffy - ''I'm Cry'n Like Brett Favre'' - Greenslade


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