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Lance "Dr. Lance Manley" Davis

Stats     6' 1" - 230 lbs.
Former Clubs     None
Positions     Flanker, Second Row
Greatest Rugby Moment     Come back season...realizing that little winger was gonna catch me on breakaway. Altering course to run straight at him and knocking him loopy.
Worst Rugby Moment     Splitting my face wide open at the very tail end of an undefeated, uninjured season.
First Year in Rugby     1998
Select Sides     Have played A , B and OB
Favorites     Brunettes Blondes and Redheads
Celebrity I Most Resemble     Shrek
Favorite Quote     "Tanned fat is muscle" - Butch Setser

Photos of Lance Davis

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Dr. Manly I presume.
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Nice work doc.
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Joe, Lance and Dido.
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Dr. Manley I presume.
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