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Rick Cutlip

Stats     6' 3" - 255 lbs.
Former Clubs     Charleston Bugs, USS Oldendorf Men of Leisure
Positions     Lock, Wing
Greatest Rugby Moment     Scoring on Bill Bell
Worst Rugby Moment     Any Loss
First Year in Rugby     2004
Select Sides     USA Under 9's
Favorites     Old School, G-String Diva's I-V, Invictus, To Catch a Predator, So You Think You Can Dance
Celebrity I Most Resemble     The Janitor from Scrubs
Favorite Quote     "Holy Crap, Natty Light is on sale for $11 !"

Photos of Rick Cutlip

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Rick puts on the chase.
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Rick Cutlip.
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Cutlip on the move.
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Clark, Wags, Rick, Kelly, Mick, Major Bell and his wife, Jake and Ty.
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