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Ricky "Rickey" Clanton

Stats     5' 10" - 160 lbs.
Former Clubs     Clemson Univ., Hilton Head, Charleston
Positions     anywhere in the backs
Greatest Rugby Moment     The last try I scored, until the next one.
Worst Rugby Moment     Any trip to the hospital.
First Year in Rugby     1974
Select Sides     South Carolina from '77 to 2000 with gaps, Atlantis 7's Old Boys
Favorites     The Four Feathers (1939), Zulu (1964), or any old war movie with guys passing the last smoke down the trench.
Celebrity I Most Resemble     Not a celebrity, but people always ask me to help them in Wal Mart.
Favorite Quote     In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

Photos of Ricky Clanton

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???, Box and Rick Clanton.
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2003 Ashville 7's tournament team.
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BR - Tice, Bob, Davis, ???, Box, Mick. FR - Meat, Tod, ???, Wags, Rick.
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BR- Rick, ???, Dimeo, Shark, Bob, Doug, ???, JV, Mick, Dave, Matt - FR - Davis, Tod, Doc, Andy, Box, ???, Wes, Chancy.
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