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Jon "Detroit" Loniewski

Stats     5' 8" - 200 lbs.
Former Clubs     Detroit what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that's right motherffucker's Detorit what!!!!!!!!!!! Put your pistols in the air wave 'em side to side and if you don't give a fuck let one ride
Positions     Hooker
Favorites     Movie...I have so many but "Belly" comes to mind with Method Man, DMX, "Lenox", and a cast of cronie's

  Tv Show...The OC. I love me them "Uhhhh' Booo's" aka those young ass bitches...and they be smokin' pot up on that bitch


Celebrity I Most Resemble     Gary Busey

Photos of Jon Loniewski

Highslide JS
Detroit awaits the ball carrier against the Citadel Fall 2006.
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