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Patrick "Smorgie" Mahney

Stats     5' 11" - 175 lbs.
Former Clubs     N/A
Positions     Wing, Inside/Outside Center, Fullback
Greatest Rugby Moment     When I scored my first try in the Hotter-Than-Hell 7's tourney.
Worst Rugby Moment     When I dived for what I though was the try line. Turns out the 5 meter line was painted solid so I was stripped of my glory.
First Year in Rugby     2007
Select Sides     N/A
Favorites     Music- I like anything really. Not picky.

  TV- Dogfights on the History Channel for sure; Family Guy; Trailer Park Boys

Celebrity I Most Resemble     Shit, myself. In case you don't know I am a celebrity.
Favorite Quote     "Victory favors those willing to pay it's price."- Sun Tzu

Photos of Patrick Mahney

Highslide JS
Pat, Bob and Skip move into a defensive position.
Highslide JS
Pat, Boon and Hughsie ham it up.
Highslide JS
Tex, Boon, Butch, Mick, Clark, Johnny, and Pat at the Hotter-Than-Hell 7s.
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